General Info

What is your refund policy?

How long is the Teen drivers education course?

Who is required to take a driver education course?

I want to take a driver education course, what are my options?

I was enrolled in an out-of-state driver education course and completed part of or all my classroom hours but never got a driver license or permit. Do these hours transfer to Texas?

I am enrolled in a 32-hour teen driver education course and I just turned 18. Can I use the time I have already completed as proof of completion of my 6-hour adult driver education course?

What is a Verification of Enrollment (VOE)?

What is the classroom attendance policy for teens?


Why can't I book an appointment?

If I already have a learner's permit, do I have to complete the behind-the-wheel training with a driving school?

How do I cancel a drive time?

Learner's Permit

I lost the form that I received when I completed my driver education course and I need it to get my driver license. Who can I contact to get a duplicate?

How do I get my learner's permit?

Can I drive out of state with my learner's permit?

How long is my learner's permit valid?

What do parents need to do so their child can get a learner's permit?

Road Test

What do I need for my road test?

Texas Impact

When am I required to view the Impact Texas videos?

Who is required to complete the Impact Texas segment?

Is there an expiration on the Impact Texas certificate?